Tevya’s meats is like good wine

A good steak comes from a good cow, is that a myth or a fact?  The question most often asked is whether the cow is grass fed or brought up on growth hormones and other growth aids.   Common sense tells us that the best meat would come from cows that are grass fed as these cows develop naturally and healthy whereas the meat of cows fed with antibiotics and growth hormones can only be bad for us as human beings.   A good steak also depends on the cut of meat.  It is said that Kobi steak is the best because the animals are massaged which makes the meat tender and tasty.  The quality of the meat that we eat can be compared with the quality of wines that we drink.   Just as the meat depends on what the cattle are fed so too is wine dependent on where it grows, the quality of the soil, the weather, the climate and the expertise of the vintners who make the wine.  Good meat comes from cows who are given time to grow and develop by eating a diet of grass which is natural to the animal just as good wine comes from vines that are tended to lovingly and with patience by the vintners responsible for making that wine.  The richer and more nutritious the soil, the better the wine.

Frozen Grass-Fed Burgers

While frozen burgers have been readily available at retail for years, grass-fed ground beef packaged for convenience has been far harder to find.

Tevye’s grass fed burgers are deliciously succulent and moist without being fatty.   Because they are grass fed they do not have a high fat content.  The meat for the burgers is raised without hormones and antibiotics making them not only tasty but healthy as well.

In addition, by buying Tevya’s Grass-fed burgers you’ll show support for animals raised naturally.

Try Tevye’s grass fed burgers at your next barbecue and enjoy their natural flavor.   You will have visions of the cows grazing on the natural grass that they are fed in order to give you this amazing culinary experience.